Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh the things we talk about at work

I'm sure many of you have had the experience of the evolving conversation. You know, the conversation that starts on one topic before it turns to another topic and so on. Bug Lady, Hippy Girl, AJ and I were in the office this afternoon when Hippy Girl was asked what she and her husband did with their free (childless) time last weekend. (No, the conversation didn't take THAT turn, at least not at that moment in time) She named a few things a few things and mentioned they downloaded and watch a few Burn Notice episodes.

"Oh I like that guy from that show," I interjected, "He's hot."

"Do you watch Burn Notice?" Hippy Girl asked.

"Naw, but I appreciate him from the commercials." I laughed.

AJ, who also watches the show (and is a married heterosexual) agreed. "Yeah he is a good looking guy."

"But he looks like he's full of himself." I commented.

"Well he is, but that's his character." Hippy Girl explained.

By this point Bug Lady is looking at us like we were from Mars. "What is this actor's name?"

"Jeffrey Donovan." Hippy Girl says.

As Bug Lady is typing in the actor's name into google, AJ adds "And he doesn't have the typical classic good look, you know with the chiseled cheekbones or roman nose or anything. But he's still good looking."

She pulls up his picture and standing next to him in the photograph is his costar Gabriella Anwar.

I wrinkled my nose and mentioned she was on the Today show a few weeks ago and she seemed to really like herself a little TOO much.

"Yeah," Hippy Girl said, rolling her eyes, "She's a bitch on the show too."

"And she's not even that pretty!"

"She's way too skinny. One time she had on a bikini in the show and - ."

"Man I know what episode you're talking about," AJ interrupts, "It looked like her ribs were a xylophone."

"And she's ORANGE. Her skin is orange! Oh! And she NEVER wears a bra."

Somehow the conversation went from Gabriella the bra less whore to our personal bra wearing habits. Bug Lady wore hers to bed while Hippy Girl and I took ours off as soon as we were home and AJ was proud to tell us he NEVER wore one and was happy to let them fly free. We were on this subject for quite some time, naming exceptions to the bra rule (Hippy Girl and I will go bra less in public if we're wearing a sweatshirt or baggy shirt. The only time I wear a bra to bed is when I go camping and when I was working out of town during my internship days. Bug Lady said she didn't really wear a bra to bed but one of those sports bras instead)

Somehow the topic turned to our "top 10 list" of stars we were allowed to sleep with and not get in trouble. AJ didn't' have a top 10, but rather a top 5. Jenna Fischer was number one on his list while Hippy Girl and I decided we were going to have to fight over Hugh Jackman.

The conversation was very entertaining. I couldn't decide which was more entertaining, the fact that we were having the bra less conversation in front of AJ, or the fact that he was participating in it without blinking an eye.

And did I mention that Hippy Girl emailed our conversation to WoWman?

Now THAT should be an interesting conversation tomorrow.

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  1. Too funny! Sounds like a great conversation...I want to work with you! ;)