Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate you Malygos!

As I mentioned in my previous post, last night was the 25 man Naxx raid. Since there was only one boss left to kill (I wasn't slotted for the previous run. The raid leaders are rotating as many people in as they can) the raid leads mixed things up a bit and we hit Archavon first. Easy peasy.

After killing the last Naxx boss (Don't ask me the name. I dunno. But it looks like the first boss you encounter in Hyjal. I'm terrible with boss names unless the boss is a bastard-o to kill) we headed for Malygos. The raid lead told us to practice the Aces High daily to get a feel for phase 3 of the Malygos encounter.

I will give an abridged version of Malygos to those unfamiliar with him or his encounter. Malygos is a big blue mean dragon who has incredible magic powers. The fight has 3 phases. After you tap Malygos on the shoulder to get his attention,

the dragon flies in and begins phase one of the fight.

He will periodically breathe arcane magic at a member or members of the raid. Every 60 seconds he'll create a vortex which sends everyone flying through the air.

You cannot control your movement but you can cast instant spells, which is a blessing because everyone takes 2k damage every second you are in that vortex. The most challenging aspect of phase one of this fight are the power sparks. Every 20-30 seconds Malygos summons power sparks from the sky and the party has 30 seconds to kill the spark before it reaches the dragon. If the power spark reaches the dragon, his damage is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. But if the party successfully kills the spark, they receive the 50% damage bonus.

When Malygos drops to 50% of his health (he has 19.5 million hit points in a 25 man raid and 7 million points for a 10 man raid) he flies up in the air and sends in his minions to do his dirty work. There are Nexus lords that run up to fight you and there are Scion guys hovering around on discs who blast you from the air. You kill a Nexus Lord or a Scion guy, you get a disc. You jump on the disc to fight the other scion guys to free up more discs for other dps players.

Meanwhile, Malygos is flying around throwing up arcane bolts that turn into anti-magic shells for you to hide in. These are handy because the scions are blasting you with nasty arcane barrages that can keel you and the anti-magic shells absorb half the damage.

When you kill all the Nexus Lords and Scions, the floor drops and an army of good dragons come in to aid you in your quest to kill Malygos. Each dragon has dps and healing abilities that are the same from the dragon you use in the Aces High daily quest.

We fought and wiped and fought and wiped for an hour-and-a-half. We didn't go in there expecting to kill Malygos but to learn the fight. We made it to the beginning of phase 3 when the raid lead decided to stop for the night after wiping again. He said he wanted to end on a high note. I'll bet we get that damn dragon next week.

Tonight is 10-man Nax. I'll let you know if anything fun happens.

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