Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the Alliance!

Most people who know me also know that I'm a bit of a World of Warcraft junkie. I've done the raiding, dungeon running and even some pvp and another guildie and I had a little bit of fun Sunday night. She whispered in chat that a pick up group (pug) was forming to attempt to slay all the horde leaders for the achievement For the Alliance!

I was skeptical that a pug could accomplish such a feat, as breaking into the major horde cities and overcoming the elite guards, not to mention any players and THEN the epic bosses would be challenging. Well, I was wrong or lucky, or perhaps it was both. Most of the people in our group of 40 were experienced raiders, the leaders were organized and knew exactly where to go to hide to get ready and any shortcuts into the cities. I know of several people who successfully made this achievement, but I also heard horror stories of players not cooperating with instructions, bosses bugging and party wipes.

I took several screenshots and as you will see, my screen was filled with a glob of green names, bolts of lightning, flamestrike explosions, and lag lag lag! Running into each city was fun and it never failed to elicit a big case of the giggles every time we ran in past the city guards and through the town.

Orgrimmar was our first stop.

I couldn't' even see Thrall through this mess but it was a challenging fight as one of his men frequently polymorphed us and there were horde players as well trying to take us down.

Then it was off to Thunderbluff. I especially got a kick of the way all 40 of us were able to get on the lift at the same time.

This time the fight took place outside and I could actually SEE the boss.

After Thunder Bluff it was off to the Blood Elf city (Silvermoon)

The boss was a loooong ways into the city but thanks to the Wrath of Lich King expansion, the town was nearly deserted, undoubtedly most players now have made their homes in Dalaran.
Again, I could not see the boss through the chaos of magic, but it was still fun!

We saved Lady Sylvanas for last and there was some concern that she would bug and evade on us. She did briefly teleport, evade and went up to full health, but it was towards the beginning of our fight so we were still fresh. She was a stinker to say the least with her frequent teleportations and fear effects and a few players died during this fight but we did get her in the end.

Prom (toon name only to protect the not-so-innocent. hehe) and I talked on vent during the event and had a blast. She even got to tank Thrall and Cairne, and I of course, kept her up with my uber Druid healz.

Has anyone else tried any city or worldwide pvp events? Tell meh!

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