Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Feet?

Danno gave me a pair of Happy Feet slippers for Christmas. They're great! I love my little penguin feet. They're cute and comfy.

But the kitties aren't happy with my new happy feet. Amelia jumps when she sees them and Samantha runs when I start walking down the hall. Romeo is well, I dunno what's going on in his little empty head. Olivia was initially weary of the penguin happy feet, but now they are hers.

Had a boring day. Spent 6 hours painting a canvas cloth prop for my Scout Program that will take place this weekend. I spent 12 hours on it last week and it looks like I have at least 6 more hours worth of work on the dang thing before I'm finished. There's no easy way to paint a 7x9 piece of cloth. It's hard on the back, knees and neck. (and the back doesn't appreciate a 10 pound purring cat while it labors away)

I skipped out on gaming because my neck and head were hurting and I just didn't feel like going. I'll post an entry later this week on this prop and how I'm freaking out a bit about the last minute details. I've been so focused on painting the prop and other last minute details that I haven't sat down to REVIEW and MEMORIZE my own script.

Yet another example of why it doesn't pay to procrastinate.

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