Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lessons I Learned This Weekend

I had an interesting weekend and I figured the best way to sum it up was to share the lessons I learned Fri - Sun. In order I learned:

1) Watching 8+ hours of a Stargate Atlantis Marathon on SciFi will result in strange dreams.

2) It takes longer, waaaay longer than 12 hours to paint a 7x9 canvas cloth that will serve as a prop for a scout program. I'll let you know when I learn how long it takes to complete this project.

3) When you have teenage volunteers it is sometimes necessary to spell every detail out to them that would otherwise be common sense, such as, "Please call me if you are not going to come in during your scheduled time." and "When you agreed to come in every Saturday afternoon, that means you will need to come in every Saturday afternoon. I will not call to remind you of your responsibility." and "You need to wear brown or black pants. NO Blue jeans. Blue jeans are not brown or black pants."

4) There are parents who do every little thing for their teenage child. (See #3) Apparently I have been living in a cave all this time and was wrong in thinking that parents allow their teenagers to be responsible and think for themselves. (*author's note. I will amend this and say that I am surprised there are parents who treat their teenagers like small children. I know not all teenagers behave irresponsibly. In fact I have met some incredibly intelligent and self aware young adults.*)

5) A long, brisk paced walk during a cold windy day will get you heated up but after the sweat evaporates you're cold again and it takes a long time to warm up.

6) It's funny how during World of Warcraft (WoW) dungeon runs with your friends, innocent comments such as "Ooh I hope we don't get that boss who wants us to look at his magic balls" (uttered by me in Heroic Violet Hold) and "I'm used to doing it only with girls" (by Prom) may be misconstrued in all sorts of perverted ways.

7) It's unfortunate timing to be caught looking at a Cats That Look like Hitler website with your coworkers when your boss walks in to start setting up for her program that is scheduled on her day off.

8) Do not use poor or improper grammar (such as the phrase "Oh noes!") in front of a 2 year old while helping out during a program (see #7) because that child will pick an inopportune moment to utter said phrase in front of her father and my boss.

9) It is not wise to drive on fumes because you will inevitably pick the gas station that only has 4 pumps working and all 4 pumps are occupied by people who are in the midst of writing the next great American novel, balancing their checkbook, applying makeup or telling their life story on their cell phone.

Tonight is 25-man Naxxaramus! The last 25 man raid didn't go very well and there was a bit of drama and fit pitching. But ruffled feathers were smoothed (read, mine and the other healers of the raid) and feelings soothed. Will the drama continue? Or will it be a quiet and smooth night?

I'll post tomorrow!

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