Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why I love my WoW Guild

 There is so much to do in World of Warcraft besides killing the monsters that threaten to overtake Azeroth and much of the domestic life revolves around the mailbox.


Through the mailbox you can mail weapons, armor, scrolls and money to your other characters as well as to your friend's characters. The mailbox plays a big part in the Auction House activites; it is where you pick up money from the items you sold and where you receive the goods you won.

There are a few of my guild members who have found another use for the mailbox, a creative outlet, if you will. I think T started the mailbox wars. He and A would mail each other objects with a clever note attached. Monster eyeballs, dead fish, torn sails were a few of the items that flew back and forth between the two. Then I decided to jump into the fray. I sent T a pair of "chiming stress balls" with a note that said when I saw the stress balls I thought of him because it must be stressful shouldering the blame of the entire guild. Because we do blame T for everything that goes wrong in our many encounters with monsters.

A few days later, he sent me a broken necklace with the following note:


He's a clever one, that T. He's got the wit and knows how to stir the pot.

Then A and I began sending each other things, with funny notes.. Cloth, cookies, flowers and yes, even shoes.

I must confess that I like Z's letters the best. They are completely random; you never know when or what you're going to get from him.  When we were doing the Firelands raids, I would often receive notes from him "I'm mailing you this from Ragnaros" and "Zomg we're at Ragnaros!"  The best one he sent from Firelands was in post card form.

Tonight, I received this letter tonight from Z before I logged out of the game.

Random and funny. Those are my guildies and I love them for it.

I need to root around in my bags for some stuff to send to T and A. They are overdue for a letter from me.

You two have been warned.


  1. I know nothing about this game - but this looks like so much more fun than texting : )

  2. LOL This is great.
    <3 you too!


  3. LOL!!! Hilarious! Im feeling the need to send random messages to my guildies now lol