Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rockin' Through the Shops

Several years ago, my mom gave me a Rockin' Santa. He gyrates his hips to Brenda Lee's "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree." The whole production is a little loud and obnoxious, but I love the Santa so when I pull him out every year, I leave the plug in the basement. My husband HATES Rockin' Santa and twitches when he sees me bring the box up.  Every year, we have the same conversation:

"UGH. You're bringing up Rocking Santa."

"I'm not going to plug him in. You know I leave that in the box."

"I don't care what you do. Just be sure to get that Rockin' Santa business out of your system before I get home from work."


It's a joke really. I think Danno exaggerates his distaste because he knows it gets a rise out of me. Every year he rolls his eyes in disgust and every year I valiantly defend poor Santa.

This year I did a lot of shopping in Antique Stores and it seemed like there was a Rockin Santa every where I turned.

It started with this Santa
I was in the Antique Shop near my house and came across Cowboy Santa. I posted the pic on Facebook, to which my husband replied "HATE".

I found this Santa at an Antique Mall on top of a dresser crowded in with a lot of unrelated nick knacks for sale.

Then there was Saxophone Santa.

This was one smoooth looking Santa. At this point, I was LOOKING for these Santas so I could tease my husband. I loved his reactions. And when I posted the photo on Facebook, he did not disappoint.  He replied "Is every antique mall required to have one of these??"

The Santas got to be nonexistent the week of Christmas, but I found this one today.

I posted the pic with the caption "One more before the end of the season".  Danno replied "Oh no. HELL no."

I know Christmas just ended but I can't wait to find next year's Rockin Santas and listen to Danno's expressions of outrage.


  1. Hehe. My poor hubby. I may try to bring home a Rockin Santa next year ;)