Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My sis-in-law and I went on a Yarn Crawl on Sunday. She crochets, but I do not, although I have been thinking about trying my hand at crocheting for awhile.  The Yarn Crawl was Friday - Sunday and about 12 stores throughout the metro area participated in the event. For each store you visited, you got a stamp on your Yarn Crawl paper and a free knitting or crochet pattern. When you visited 6 stores, (or more) you could turn your paper in for a raffle for all kinds of prizes.

Since I was new to the yarn scene, just about everything was a novelty. For example, all the stores had buttons in tubes with a button glued to the lid. I liked the button display at this store 

And look how the yarn was set up in this store!

I've already had 2 impromptu lessons since Sunday and not only can I create chains, but I can do the single crochet! My sis-in-law gave the lessons and I appreciate her patience in teaching someone who is not only left-handed, but sometimes has the attention span of a fly.  Right now I'm just practicing the single crochet stitch. I'm still working on my form and stitch uniformity. I've also been practicing with different hook and yarn sizes. The thought of trying to create something from a pattern is still intimidating.

Once I master the single crochet, I'll move on to the double- and triple- crochet and then maybe try a scarf pattern. But I also need to learn how to keep my yarn away from furry paws.


  1. I never learned to crochet, but love to cross-stitch. There are lots of accessories you could spend a fortune on for both hobbies. I seem to recall seeing something about using a 2 litre soda bottle. Cut the bottom out and bring the yarn up through the neck of the bottle and insert the skein of yarn. Should keep it in fair order. Might want to tie all your scraps together for your furry helper.

  2. Hi Kathy - I like both of your suggestions. The 2 liter bottle would be especially helpful, not only to keep my yarn organized, but it keeps it away from cat paws.

  3. Wow! A whole subculture that I never knew existed!

  4. Hillbilly Mom - I know! It's a whole new world! I wonder how weird the crochet people are...we'll find out.