Wednesday, August 10, 2011

End of Summer Blues

I've been in a slump since the conference. Well, the slump really began a week or two before the conference, but the blahs have been more pronounced this week. This is the first week I haven't done a bird census or checked nest boxes. Yes, I'm still mist netting and will do so until the end of August. But essentially, my work season is over, and for me, that means the end of summer.

I love spring and summer. I enjoy watching the progression of trees leafing out and flowers budding, the influx of spring migrants and the accompanying cacophony of bird song. The dragonflies, butterflies, cicadas, warm weather, and long hours of daylight. While the cicadas are beginning to hit their peak, the songbirds are leaving, most of the flowers have bloomed and are beginning to die off and the days are slowly losing their long hours of light. Blech.

I've been uninspired and a lazy lump. I need to start number crunching and writing my report because I'm going to present my findings at a conference in December, but I just can't get motivated. I've wanted to blog the last few days, but the topics and words have evaded me.

Not much to say. Just in a slump.

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