Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These boots were made for walking, not sloshing!

My poor boots. My poor, poor boots. When they're not on my feet, they sit on the steps of the back porch steps to dry out.

My boots and feet have been soaking wet every day that I've been out in the field. Not the slight damp that is the result of an early morning dew, but wring-your-socks, wipe your feet down soaking wet. I'm not sure my shoes have been dry since April. May has been a rainy month. It rained every day May 10-16 and May 19 - 20th. To date, it has rained 4.25 inches and the average rainfall for the month is 4.11 inches.

The ground has been saturated with rain and puddles abound. This is the entrance to one of my prairie sites. That's not a creek people. That's 2 large puddles.

And of course where there are puddles, there is mud. Some of the mud is firm and bearable to step on (through?), but then there is the ankle deep, boot sucking globs of mud to slosh through.

My boots have obtained that mildewy smell and in attempts to control the odor, the shoes are placed on the back porch to dry in the sun. I suppose it has cut down on the smell, but the shoes still carry that funk. Ugh.

Maybe at the end of the summer I can scrub and vacuum them to a shade of their former glory.

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