Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Flame Warden: Midsummer Event Achievement

During certain times of the year, Blizzard throws events for the World of Warcraft players. Week(s)-long events such Hallow's End, Winter Veil and Noblegarden celebrate the holidays while Midsummer Fire Festival and Harvest Festival herald the onset of the seasons. Each festival contain events, collectible items and ingame decorations and NPCs that add to the celebratory atmosphere.

In the past I've half-heartedly participated in the events. I had been more focused on leveling characters and running the dungeons. However, with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Blizzard added Achievements to the list of quests, reputations, dungeons and raids to be had. Of course, there is an achievement (and quite a nice reward) for finishing all the quests, pvp requirements, and collection of related items to all of the ingame festival events.

It began with Hallow's End. I collected all the needed candy and costumes. Fought and won against the Headless Horseman, cleaned up the stink bombs thrown by the horde and killed 50 hordies while under the influence of a buff (among other things). During the Lunar Festival, I visited all the Elders to collect the coins of ancestry, fought and killed Omen, shot off fireworks and acquired the festival garb. You get the idea.

I have been feverishly working on the Midsummer Fire Festival achievement, which began on Father's Day. I ran all over the place, honoring Alliance Flames and desecrating Horde Flames, I danced on the fire pole and juggled lit torches in Dalaran. But I saved the most difficult for last, stealing the flames from the major Horde cities of Undercity, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon.

Desecrating the flames is easy. The flames are just outside the smaller towns and all you do is click on the bonfire to extinguish the flames. You are flagged pvp after you do the dirty deed. However, stealing the flames requires you to run into the city, filled with guards and players, find the bonfire and snatch a flame, all while flagged pvp. The bonfires are usually located deep within the city's perimeter and at any time players of the opposing faction (the Horde) can strike and kill you.

I got up early this morning, before work and nabbed Undercity, Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon with no troubles. As a druid, I shifted into cat form and stealthed my way past the city guards and a handful of players on at that time of the morning. I decided to wait and do Orgrimmar when I got home. For some reason, the guards are difficult to get around in stealth form in Orgrimmar and the city is usually heavily populated with other players.

I returned home around 9:30 this morning and mentioned to Danno (who decided to work from home today) that I was going to try to hit Orgrimmar. He perked up and asked if his shaman could accompany my druid on the task. When it comes to pvp, the more the merrier.

We didn't have a plan past getting into the city. I was worried we wouldn't be able to get past the guards to reach the bonfire. My druid is a healer and her off spec is spellcasting. For Orgrimmar I decided to go the healing spec and heal our way through to the bonfire. Danno's shaman is a killing beast so I knew we'd be ok in the damage department.

We entered the city with a stream of guards at our back. But we did make it to the bonfire.

I reached the bonfire first and had no trouble stealing a flame. Danno however, was getting his ass handed to him and couldn't click on the bonfire. So I stepped in and got their attention with a hurricane, as shown here.

For some of you tech savvy wow players who read my blog, I did not do the alt-z to clear the screen of chat and action bars. There wasn't any fricking time! I just screenshotted like an idiot. LOL.

Well, once we did Orgrimmar, we could not just leave the other cities unattended! We refined our plan and set out a course of action. I decided to forgo the healing abilities and concentrate on inflicting damage if needed. I was there to grab the attention of the guards and other players so Danno could steal flames from the bonfires.

Next we went to Thunder Bluff.

This time I summoned my allies, the Treants and brought the stars down from the sky to distract the guards from Danno's thievery.

Boy did we piss the guards off! We had EVERYONE running after us. They followed us to the lift

and down the big tall hill. To quote Danno, "RUN BITCHES!". And that's what we did.

Undercity was the only city that had their bonfire pretty much out in the open. However, their city is ahem, the sewers. So that's just as well.

The only concern I had was that of horde players who decided to kick our asses as soon as we entered the city's walls. But my fears were unfounded. There was one level 80 deathknight whom I made a point of standing next to while Danno clicked on the bonfire. The player wisely left us alone. He watched for a moment before riding away.

Our last stop was the Blood Elf city of Silvermoon. This is a posh city, complete with flowing curtains, lavish resting areas and clean walkways. It's my favorite city when I'm playing my horde mage. (Oops, did I admit that outloud?)

I sooo love it when the sexy boy elves chase me. :)

And here is Danno, getting ready to steal the last of the horde flames. Hooray!

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